Cruising Routes

Our location offers several options for a great days hire. 

River Great Ouse

ELY and Return

Cruising Time: Approximately 4 hours

Leaving our base on the Little Ouse River and turning our onto the Great Ouse you can`t fail to notice its openess.  The Great Ouse is wide with a few bends in the river before it runs adjacent to the A10 to Littleport.  The Swan on the River PH is popular stop, for a drink and a meal.  From here you will cruise the route of the famous Boat Race which has been located on this stretch on two occasions.  The first time in 1944 during World War II and again in 2021 the Boat Race due to the Covid pandemic. 


As you approach Ely you will cruise past Potter Space the site of, what was once, one the biggest sugar beet factories in England.  Operating from 1925  the wharf, that remains, was once used for the unloading of Sugar Beet delivered by river on barges from Farms for processing.   From here you will cruise past the headquarters of the Cambridge University Boat Club which opened in 2016. 

Roswell Pits, now a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a popular spot for walkers, sailers and nature lovers was a site of clay excavation for the repair of the areas flood banks.  Cruising past the floodplains you will start to see the Ely Cathedral which dominates the Ely skyline..  Ely is a popular stop for hirers with a wealth of eateries it is a great stop for lunch. The Visit Ely website has a list of Pubs, Restaurants and Tearooms or places to visit. 



Cruising Time: 5 hours

Cruising through Ely will take you towards Popes Corner where the Fish & Duck Marina is located.  This is where the River Cam and the Old West River join the Ely Ouse.  There are a few Moorings just before the Marina for a picnic if you don`t want to stop in Ely.  From here you can cruise up the Cam towards Upware but be mindful of your return time.

River Lark


Cruising Time: Approximately 4 hours

After cruising towards Ely for approximately 1 hour you will see an entrance to the River Lark towards Prickwillow & Isleham.  This part of the Lark to Prickwillow was once the route of the  River Great Ouse until 1830 when the River Great Ouse was diverted to the route it runs today.  Prickwillow is approximately 1 hours cruise from the junction with the Great Ouse and offers a lovely spot adjacent the Drainage Museum for a picnic lunch.  You might want to take a look around the adjacent Drainage museum, please check their website for more information including opening hours & special events. If you have time you could continue upstream towards Isleham, although it is unlikely you will get there on your days hire.  

River Little Ouse


Cruising Time: Approximately 5 hours

Meandering upstream on the Little Ouse River from our base the river will take you past the hamlets of Little Ouse & Brandon Bank.  Once you have cruised past the many moored boats you will not fail to notice the timber & brick ruins of The Watermans Arms which closed its doors in 1956.  Here the river begins to widen until you reach Lakenheath Lode and the Little Ouse River bares left.  Just around the bend you may still be able to see the site of a staunch which was used to regulate water levels in days gone by.   Here the river narrows and winds though flooded open fen with an abundance of wildlife.  You may get a glimpse of the huge  `golf balls` of RAF Feltwell which house their tracking satellites.  After approximately 2 hours from our base you will see a GOBA visitor mooring which is a remote and peaceful spot to have a picnic.  Care should be taken when mooring up and getting off the boat as the riverbank is uneven as is the ground underfoot.  With only wildlife for company you will cruise past the Lakenheath Fen RSPB reserve.  Continuing on you go over a small aqueduct, then through the sluice gates which are used to regulate the water levels during times of flood with water being discharged into the cut off channel beneath.  If you have time to cruise on you will notice that the wild landscape changes to farmland. until you reach Brandon Lock.

River Wissey

?? & Return

Cruising Time: Approximately ?? hours

Cruising towards 

River Great Ouse

Denver Sluice & Return

Cruising Time: Approximately 3 hours

Cruising towards